Ande has been a regular visitor to our house for well over a year. My 8 yr old wanted to play the ukulele. We tried a few other teachers first and it just wasn't happening.  I came across Ande’s name and booked a trial lesson and then a few more and then a few more!  He helped her navigate the ukulele and she recently moved to guitar.  Ande is the ultimate professional. He is consistent, timely, well prepared, and engaging.  He easily moves between theory and practice, review and new learning.  His teaching is thoughtful and deliberate, yet flexible and fun.  My daughter is learning music and skills and, most importantly to me, confidence.  Ande is very easy to deal with and super easy to have around.  He is kind, generous, flexible, understanding and positive. Music at my daughters school is pretty dull, I’m grateful to have her learning guitar with Ande where she is learning that music is dynamic and expressive.  It is truly a gift to her.  I would highly recommend Ande, unequivocally.

Beth Guthrie - Montclair, NJ 


In the Fall of 2012, my daughter wanted to start guitar lessons at age 7. At first I thought she might be too young, but with Ande’s patience, encouragement, and age-appropriate teaching, she is doing very well and loving it! Ande is incredibly organized and puts a great deal of thought into his lessons. His interaction with my daughter is always enthusiastic and never patronizing. He is very good about keeping her interest, especially by having her play modern day songs, classics, and holiday favorites that she is familiar with. She enjoys practicing and looks forward to her lesson every week. We can’t say enough good things about Ande!

Katrina Stamas, Montclair NJ  


Ande was highly recommended to me by a friend several years ago as a guitar teacher for my then fifth grade son, Luke.  The kind, comforting, and incredibly talented man that showed up at my home that first day came to become not only a beloved teacher, but a friend and mentor to my son as well.

Some people are born teachers ... Ande is one of them.  He has an innate ability to work with people and an extreme love of what he teaches.  Each lesson was individualized factoring in Luke's taste in music and the speed at which he learned.  We truly looked forward each week to seeing Ande.  

My son's love of music and guitars was enhanced by Ande over several years.  Luke will have the ability to pick up a guitar and play for the rest of his life thanks to Ande.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ande to anyone who wants to learn or advance in playing the guitar.

Carol Wielgus, North Caldwell NJ


I have known Ande for 20 years. He started teaching my oldest child guitar when he was 11 years sold, and to this day, he plays his guitar every single day. Ande is a far cry from your average music teacher. He zones in on what works for your child instead of teaching every kid the same way. He has the keen ability to see where each kid's strengths and weaknesses are and works with that to both help them improve their playing and music ability, but also allows the child a lot of individuality in terms of style, listening tastes, etc. Ande is now teaching my youngest son 15 yeas later and is just as capable today as he was 15 years ago. I recommend him highly.

Robin H., Short Hills NJ


I have had the pleasure of knowing Ande for close to 15 years. Two of my sons have taken lessons from him for 6-7 years each. Ande is a serious musician and conveys his love of music to his students. Ande spends a considerable amount of time teaching his students the fundamentals of playing the guitar so that they actually become quite accomplished musicians. Once they have the basics under their belt Ande encourages them to play music that they enjoy and are interested in order to make it relevant to them. It is important to Ande that the student benefit from his lessons and he is encouraging to the students and is always willing to make the time to let the parents know how their children are doing with their lessons. Ande is "the real thing", a trained musician, a music lover and a wonderful teacher. Ande also happens to be a very interesting and just generally all around nice person who has been a pleasure to have in our home.

 Karen Fleming, West Caldwell NJ


As a lifelong musician, I know the power of music and how the music we each make unites us, while at the same time is our own unique and soulful fingerprint.  Ande Flavelle knows this deeply and intuitively, and applies it each student with amazing care and sensitivity.  I love what he has done with my daughter Madeleine.  He has taken the time and thought to know her as a person and bring out the music within her.  Yes, he skillfully instructs her on chords, notes and theory - quite well.  But it's more than that.  It's the stuff that can only be done by someone who is a great teacher, a great musician and great human being.

 Scott E. Moore 


My two children (11 and 14) have been taking weekly guitar lessons from Ande
for a year.  He is a fantastic teacher and my children absolutely love
taking lessons from him.   Ande is well organized and is always prepared
with individualized lessons for each of my kids.  My children have
completely different learning styles and talent (to say the least), and Ande
tailors each lesson according to their needs and strengths.  He has a calm,
easy demeanor and explains concepts to children beautifully.  I have found
Ande flexible and fair - one of the easiest professionals I've ever worked
with.  He is simply wonderful.

Stephanie Talnadge, Wayne NJ


From the minute Ande Flavelle came into our home to teach our daughter guitar, we knew he was a professional. My daughter, now age 11, had been taking lessons from another teacher for a year and Ande came in and organized all of her knowledge and brought her to the next level. We are impressed with his passion for teaching and his varied approaches to teaching that not only motivated our daughter, but also taught her to love the guitar on so many levels. We look forward to our daughter's continued growth with Ande as her teacher and mentor.

Carolyn and Marc Goldfarb, Short Hills, NJ


Not all gifted musicians are gifted teachers - but Ande is both. And in order to be those things, you not only need to know your craft, but you need to know how to listen: to the music and to the student.  His attention to every detail and to the unique likes and needs of each student is truly remarkable.  

 Claudine Ohayon 


I would like to recommend Ande Flavelle for guitar lessons. He has done a wonderful job teaching my 9-year-old daughter over the past year. He is very patient and teaches in a positive, encouraging way. There is a lot of emphasis on the fundamentals, he expects serious dedication but makes the lessons interesting and fun! He takes a genuine interest in each student and adapts lessons around their particular learning style to help them learn and develop as musicians. My daughter started her classes with no previous musical instruction and she can now read music and actually play the guitar! I think Ande truly enjoys teaching and my daughter looks forward to her favorite class every week! We will definitely continue our weekly classes with Ande for many years to come.

Laurie Glasman, Montclair, NJ


So if you are reading my post it must mean you are checking out Ande's website. Don't get too excited - because connecting with the most amazing guitar teacher on earth can be a challenge: I remember it took about a year for a spot to open in Ande's busy schedule! But he’s worth any wait, because Ande is not only an incredibly talented guitarist, he is an amazing teacher who is passionate about music and teaching his students to play the guitar. I was able to play my first song, "Good Riddance" after only 2 lessons. Ande makes learning to play the guitar easy and fun. He even brings a variety of his own guitars for his students to play on. He also encourages his students to play the music they love. I never wanted my lessons to end, and after 7 years of taking lessons, I only stopped because I went off to college.

You will learn to play the guitar from the very best teacher there is...if you are lucky enough to get a spot in his very busy schedule!

C. Lehman, Short Hills NJ


Ande is an insightful teacher; he focuses on the specific needs of each student. He always comes prepared and strives to keep lessons fun as well as informative. He motivates students to experiment. His love of music is contagious!

Heather Newman, Short Hills, NJ


Ande has been our guitar teacher for over 5 years and the experience has been great! He has patience with young students and a real talent for explaining music concepts. He is very engaged with the each student’s individual learning pace and he continuously adjusts the curriculum to keep things enjoyable, yet challenging. My 3 kids now have a strong foundation in the fundamentals, and they are proud to be able to play their favorite songs. We are looking forward to developing even more guitar skills with Ande in the future.

Jeff K., Caldwell


The opportunity to study with a teacher of Ande Flavelle’s caliber is rare. His ability to connect with individual students is astounding. There is much more to being a great music teacher than simply being a good musician. Ande’s ability to read students and figure out the best way to teach them is incredible. While I might not have fully appreciated the gem of a guitar teacher I had when I studied with him, I look back now as I finish a degree in music performance and realize what an incredible foundation he laid for me as a professional musician. Ande is a teacher that invests in his students’ future in every lesson that he teaches, whether music is their career choice or hobby. I highly recommend Ande Flavelle to anyone who is seeking excellent music training from someone who will guide them skillfully, one lesson at a time.

Abbie Mulhern


When Ande Flavelle came to teach my son, John, the dynamic of his music changed. My son went from a "wanna-be" to a real guitar player. Ande asked for a list of songs he wanted to play and from there all good things came. My son has been featured as a lead singer in "Rock Camps" and Ande saw his potential. He enhanced his ability to use his guitar to make his voice an instrument. I wake up to hear my son playing a new song that Ande taught him. Ande is not just a teacher, he is a muse! He brings out what a person can do in spite of themselves. Ande has become a family member here. You want a teacher, a mentor, a role model, and a friend...Ande Flavelle is the one. He is a fantastic human being who just happens to teach guitar!!!

J.E.F. West Caldwell, NJ


Ande Flavelle has been teaching our son, John guitar for five years. I have seen a wonderful progression in his ability to play the guitar. When Ande heard John sing, he altered his lessons so John could learn to accompany his singing. Ande is an excellent teacher. He begins by asking a student to make a list of what songs he loves. Our son was excited at the prospect of learning songs he truly enjoyed. I witnessed my son's musical ability flourish and to my delight he has progressed beautifully! His interest in his students is genuine. He has attended some of our son’s school functions. I would strongly recommend Ande as a teacher.

C.A.F. West Caldwell, NJ


Ande has taught my son for six years and is a wonderful guitar teacher. He is dedicated to his student’s musical growth. He alters his lessons and his approach to each child. Ande is more than a guitar teacher as he shows genuine interest in his students. My son’s love of the guitar was learned from Ande.

Linda D, West Caldwell NJ


I started taking lessons from Ande at the start of my 8th grade year. I heard from family friends about his talent and teaching skills and decided I would finally break out the guitar that had been sitting in my basement collecting dust. I have to say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I quickly found out that Ande's lesson were much more about building a friendship and learning about accomplishing seemingly impossible things than learning to strum the chords to the most popular song at the time. I always had issues reading music and feared it would hinder my guitar playing but Ande always walked me through each step until I could read on my own. Our lessons grew into a friendship and they quickly became the highlight of my week. Looking back now I can only say that I wish I started earlier and had more time with Ande, though I still come back for the occasional "jam session" and coffee to catch up on all the things I missed while I was at school. I'm glad to say I made a life-long friend, and learned to accomplish any goal I set for myself in the process.

Mike Leardo, North Caldwell NJ


After a 35 year hiatus I decided to go back to the guitar. My 15 year old daughter was also interested. Ande was referred by several friends who took lessons from him 35 years ago and today. He is a patient and amazing teacher. Able to switch between kids and adults with ease. I’m getting better (in my own mind) each week. E Street band watch out.

Lloyd Bennett, Montville NJ


I can think of few others who have had a greater influence on me than Ande Flavelle! I’ve been playing guitar since I was in 4th grade, and I took guitar lessons through high school. Ande gave me lessons that were structured and designed to make me a better player, but they were also fun! He combined musical theory and techniques with songs that I wanted to learn. I started playing professionally in college, and continued playing out in clubs through medical school and residency. In fact, now I’m a practicing doctor, but still playing acoustic gigs every month! Thanks Ande, for giving me the tools to make music such an important part of my life! I’m truly indebted.

Dr. Barry Wasserman, Trenton NJ


If you are looking for a professional, engaging, personable, guitar teacher for your children, Ande Flavelle fits the bill! Ande was a wonderful guitar teacher during several years for my junior high and high school age children. He kept them engaged in the process by teaching them songs which they requested while teaching them the all the necessary skills in learning to play the guitar. Ande was punctual to all appointments. He has a wonderful sense of humor which my children and I looked forward to during his weekly visits.

E. L., Livingston NJ


Ande has been my guitar teacher for 4 years now. I knew I wanted him as my guitar teacher because I watched him teach my older brother and they always seemed to be having such a good time. Just like my brother, my lessons with Ande have been great. He got to know me and the music I liked to listen to. He then recommended music that I might like to learn to play, he was like having my own itunes ping. Now, 4 years later, I still love playing the guitar and just sitting down and making up music as well as finding songs I might want Ande to help me play.

Blake P., Short Hills NJ


Ande Flavelle is not only a talented musician, he is also a gifted, dedicated and experienced teacher. He combines his love of guitar and his passion for teaching so that each and every lesson is crafted for the individual student. My son has truly blossomed under Ande's tutelage.

Kathleen Stoddard, Montclair, NJ


Ande has been instrumental in Christian's musical endeavors. My son started working with Ande since he was 9 years old and has been taking lessons with him for over 2 years. Christian's love of guitar has grown and his ability to play both modern and rock classics is truly amazing. Ande incorporates both guitar technique and gives the students the ability to 'choose' songs they want to learn which helps them to stay focused and keeps them interested. Ande is a great mentor to Christian.

L.D. West Caldwell NJ


Ande Flavelle is a talented and inspiring guitar teacher. Giving her lessons at our home, he taught our high school age daughter beautifully! He really tailored his lessons to our daughter's musical interests, so that she flourished and learned quickly. We all love Ande and recommend him whole heartedly.

G and R Hoit, Summit, NJ


Ande has been teaching guitar in our family for over 10 years. Our kids look forward to their lessons, since he approaches music and music instruction so differently then other teachers. Ande has the unique ability of getting know his students and their music preferences and then guides them to music they might be interested in playing. What a refreshing change from the standard music teacher. Practicing is their choice, not a chore that I need to remind them to do - they want to practice and learn the music they are interested in. Many times I hear them just playing around on the guitar, experimenting with the sounds and chords. I am so thankful to my friend, who years ago highly recommended Ande - I highly recommend him as well!

KJ Pearsall, Milburn NJ


When I first started with Ande, I was playing violin and at the time, I was frustrated with classical training because I felt that I wasn't learning about musical in general, like basic harmony, a deeper understanding of rhythm, improvisation, etc. I was referred to Ande Flavelle through a couple of friends and within the first few lessons I knew I had found the right teacher. I was there to learn guitar but I ended up learning so much more. In fact, even years later after a semester at Berklee School of Music and countless other teachers for voice, piano, bass, etc. I still would say that most of my practical musical knowledge came from the time I spent with him and I constantly go back to his teaching material and refresh all the time. That knowledge has also allowed me to more deeply appreciate genres that I would probably not have listened to otherwise as well, like jazz for instance.

I had the pleasure of calling him my teacher for three years (stopping only because I went to college) and now I gladly call him a dear friend. In my studies, although I've liked many of my teachers, I've found it's pretty rare to find a teacher that you like to learn from and also like to hang out with. If you want to learn guitar, he's your man but know he'll also teach you how to be a good musician at the same time. And he's a really cool dude.

Lance Reichart, North Caldwell NJ


Ande is a wonderful guitar teacher in every way. He has a unique blend of technical and teaching skills, and is very patient and kind to his students. Ande adapts well to his students' individual needs and capabilities. I saw this as a parent, when he taught my then-teenaged daughter, and I see this now as an adult student of Ande. I would heartily recommend him.

M.S., Millburn, NJ


I took lessons from Ande for almost 10 years beginning in 1984! Since I stopped taking lessons I’ve toured all over the globe and have enjoyed a career as a recording musician and a teacher.. I’ve been lucky and blessed to open for some major acts in the pop, rock, country and soul genres, as well as play many of the worlds top music festivals! (BB King, James Brown, Al Green, Dr John, Jethro Tull, Bad Company, Violent Femmes, Edwin McCain, Run DMC, Mick Jones of the Clash, Cris Duarte, JJ Grey and Mofro, 7mary3, Sister Hazel, Wanda Jackson, Reverend Horton Heat, the Zac Brown Band, The Black Crowes, and many more) Because of the varied genres I’ve worked in, I credit my ability to adapt and fit into the styles required on the musical education that Ade provided. I’ve met hundreds of teachers and now teach a master class at the central Florida school of rock, and simply put, Ande makes guitar playing makes sense. Whatever level you are on, he will find a way - sometimes very clever and unique ways - to make the fret board easier to maneuver and understand. His masterful knowledge of music theory is not overpowered by the most important of all lessons, how to play with feeling. He is skilled in all genres of music. Although today’s world allows us to instantly access many styles of music, it doesn’t matter what you are into; this guy knows how to make it make sense. I enjoyed my lessons because of the way he teaches with fun, easy to discuss questions, his patient approach backed by understanding what it’s like to be the student, etc. but most important, when he left, I looked forward to practicing. He makes learning not a chore, but something a student will look forward to. Beginner, intermediate, advanced, any level and any level of ambition, this is the right teacher. I’m honored to call him my mentor and friend, but the real simple truth is that this music teacher is one of a kind, worth every cent and a whole lot more.

Brian Chodorcoff Orlando FL


For those of us who know Ande at all it goes without saying that he is a consummate musician and teacher. As a former professional musician and teacher myself, I was impressed and pleased to see him covering all of the bases with my son, from learning theory (reading & writing) to learning by ear. What sets him apart is his ongoing concern for his students and their accomplishments, whether it’s showing up at their performances, or making sure he is engaging their interest and adjusting the content and/or style of his teaching accordingly.

 Steve Travers, Caldwell NJ


Ande knows what being a musician is about. He allows students to enjoy every note they play. He never puts a student down, just builds them up to be the best musician they can be. He would never pressure a student in a stressful way, and make them feel as though they were not good enough. He always asks and considers the student’s opinions, ideas, and preferences when giving them songs. He will put just as much time and devotion into the student's learning and life as the student will. Because of his kindness and relaxed style, I fell in love with music and used it as an outlet and gift to share with others. I loved working with Ande. He not only brought amazing music into my home, but he brought a smile and laughs every time he walked into my home. Ande is an amazing musician and person, and he will impact every person he works with in an incredibly positive and inspirational way. Thanks Ande!

Sarah, Short Hills NJ          


In four years of being Professor Flavelle's* student, I've not only learned much about playing guitar, but I've also had a great time. Ande structures his lessons around the student; as a result I was consistently interested in the pieces we worked through together. At first, he helped me learn popular rock songs; soon, I was learning these on my own as we worked through harder pieces of which I knew little about. With ease, Ande was always able to find a plethora of new songs to interest me; I quickly became set on learning to read music and practice more advanced finger-style techniques so as to master this new music.

Ande suits his lessons to your pace, and understands that practicing guitar may not always be at the top of your priorities. However, he will push you to work hard and encourage you to practice on your own to tackle challenging songs that you will soon come to know and love. I highly recommend his lessons and, to my delight, the years I spent learning under him are strongly reflected in my playing style today, years after we've played together.

Ian Pelse, Verona NJ


For as long as I can remember I’d wanted to learn how to play guitar. The trouble was, something always held me back. As I grew older, taking lessons just seemed so pointless. “Why bother?”, I kept asking myself. “What would I accomplish? What was the goal so late in life?” Well, one day I finally decided the time had come to follow my basic instincts. I was in my late ‘40s by then, so I figured it was “now or never” time. I saw his ad in the paper and called his number. Ande showed up and literally opened a new door in my life. He took a novice, a guy who could not read one musical note, and turned him into a bonafide rock star. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am now the lead guitarist for Cold Play. (pause for effect) Oh. The truth? Well, the truth is he was able to teach this old dog some new tricks. Some brand new tricks. And while I’ve had some setbacks along the way, such as an accident that’s forced me to learn to play with only four fingers on my left hand, I’m still having fun with it. That, by the way, turns out to be the point after all. Have fun with it! And there’s no better person to demonstrate the merits of that, than my guitar teacher (now one of my very best friends), Ande Flavelle.

Bill Patrick, NBC Sports


Ande Flavelle is a great teacher. He teaches me different skills to learn how to play the guitar. Then he helps me apply them so I can play the songs I love. Ande has a wonderful personality and his knowledge of music is abundant. I actually look forward to my lesson every week.

J.A.F. West Caldwell, NJ


I have always been fond of music. As a baby, my mother sang me the Beatles to put me to sleep and my father introduced me to everything from AC/DC to Dire Straits. Music was definitely always part of my life, but, six years ago, when I called Ande Flavelle for guitar lessons, music went from an importance in my life to a necessity. Ande always let me guide our lessons, which made me love the guitar. If I wanted to play Led Zeppelin, he’d plan an exciting lesson on Led Zeppelin; if I wanted to play a jazz piece, he’d plan an intriguing lesson on chord substitution.

Though I was the guiding force in what we did, Ande always had an underlying goal. If I wanted to play Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles, he would teach me the song, but he would also turn the lesson into an introduction to Travis picking, a way to practice my ear training, and a vehicle to learn how to transpose. By turning what I wanted to do into something more, Ande made me love listening to and playing music, while giving me a strong skill-set across a variety of genres. Now, if I want to submerse myself in jazz, I know I’ll be prepared. I feel the same regarding classical, rock, folk, and bluegrass too. I have truly had a wonderful experience with the guitar and feel well educated in all areas regarding the instrument.

Ande Flavelle isn’t your typical “let’s play ode to joy” guitar teacher. (And I use the word teacher lightly as friend is more applicable.) He’s the sort of teacher that will teach you about anything and everything from AC/DC to ZZ Top, Bobby Parker to John Coltrane, with not a run of the mill lesson but a lesson with deep insight into the world of jazz, blues, pop, or rock. You won’t regret calling him.

Chris Dalla Riva, West Caldwell, NJ


I highly recommend Ande to anyone looking for an instructor with a passion for what he does. My son has been taking lessons with him for two years now and he enjoys Ande’s style and manner of teaching. His knowledge of the guitar and different eras of music make him ideal for any person’s taste in music. He is reliable, and my son looks forward to his classes.

Sam and Miriam Armijos, Fairfield NJ


I never thought I would be able to play the guitar. Not because I didn't like the instrument, but because up until that point my only experience playing music was a very short lived career as a violinist in the third grade orchestra with disastrous results. It wasn't until senior year of high school when a good friend, who was already taking lessons from Ande, showed up at my house with an old guitar and said, "Hey man, I need someone to jam with. Here's a guitar and the number of a guy you can take lessons from." I apprehensively called the number and set up an appointment.

From the first day Ande was great he put all my fears to rest by creating a relaxed environment and introducing the guitar in a casual way. By the end of our first day I could already play the introduction to Eric Clapton's acoustic version of Layla. Thanks to Ande, before I knew it I was able to play a lot of songs and started to really grasp the instrument. If you are thinking about taking lessons I would highly recommend Ande. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and makes every lesson a lot of fun.

Mark Hubschmidtt, North Caldwell NJ


Ande Flavelle is an excellent guitar teacher whose patience and enthusiasm are unsurpassed. He has been teaching me guitar for years and I’ve enjoyed every one of our lessons. He transformed guitar from a simple hobby into an important part of my life.

Harry Okun, Short Hills NJ


Ande arrived for every lesson smiling and upbeat ensuring that my son really looked forward to every lesson. He went above and beyond the duties of an ordinary instructor showing infinite patience with a restless 9 year old who needed constant breaks during the early lessons. As this restlessness disappeared it was replaced by a strong base of musical training which was constantly expanded by Ande’s vast musical knowledge and ability from theory to ear training to composition. Sight reading and timing became second nature early on, allowing my son to work on a variety of techniques and focus on more complicated pieces.

Roni Okun, Short Hills NJ


My daughter, Gabriella, took guitar lessons with Ande Flavelle for 2 years when we lived in Short Hills, NJ.  Andy was an amazing instructor. He came to our house every week and taught her not only the basics skills required but also helped shape a love for the instrument and music. He sometimes rewarded her by leaving an electric guitar for her to use for the week, which of course was met with glee. Apart from being a wonderful teacher he was also understanding of school demands and accommodated occasional schedule changes without fuss. I would highly recommend Ande as a guitar teacher for any level of ability.
Aviva Sharp


My son has been taking guitar lessons from Ande Flavelle for nearly six years now, and has shown progressive improvement that entire time. Ande is an amazing guitar player who has a fantastic ear and can play many different styles. More importantly he's an experienced, effective teacher and mentor to my son. I really can't say enough about how much my son values Andes lessons and encouragement. I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about learning and improving on guitar both technically and harmonically to look to Ande Flavelle. He's the real deal. Segovia, Hendrix, Clapton, Flavelle...

Donald Smith, Verona, NJ
(Note: clearly, Don has me somehow confused with Tommy Emmanuel! - Ande)


Ande was one of the most influential teachers in my life. He was flexible, fun and never hesitated to push me if he felt I needed it. He taught me the importance of trying to master hard things. He always taught me what was important to know as well as what I wanted to learn and managed that balance well. Ande exposed me to musical tastes and guitar techniques that I am still into 30 (yes, 30) years later. Playing guitar is a skill that has helped me reduce stress, channel my creativity and even get through difficult times in my life. So when I think about the gift that my parents gave me through the lessons with Ande, I'm just grateful and glad they decided to make the investment in a ten year old kid who really just wanted to rock out at the time.

Jeremy Kestler, Short Hills NJ


I have taken lessons with Ande Flavelle throughout the past 20 years. I tracked him down after a several year hiatus that took me to the West coast and was overjoyed to have the opportunity to work with him again. Ande is one of those unique teachers who is able to make you learn the boring stuff in such a fun way that you don't even realize it until you've learned it! I've known him as a kid and as an adult, and he treated me with the same respect and coolness then as he does today. I would highly recommend him to anyone from ages 3 through 93.

Keira H.


My two daughters took guitar lessons from Ande for several years.  Our arrangement ended only when scheduling conflicts prevented us from continuing.  He was their first instructor and so taught them from their first time picking up a guitar.  He was fun, patient, and taught the rather difficult basics in a manner that was readily understandable to my kids.  It always seemed he cared that the kids not only learned the mechanics, but also really appreciated the beauty of the music.  I suppose the highest praise I can give him is to say that many years later my girls are both still playing.  Additionally, I referred Ande to a friend of mine for her high school aged son and she couldn't thank me enough.  He is a true treasure among instructors and you should consider yourself lucky if you are able to get him.

Annette Entin, North Caldwell NJ


My wife & I have known Ande for over 20 years. He taught guitar to our 2 sons, who both loved him & learned a tremendous amount from him. Ande was patient, made the lessons fun, was flexible & would tailor his lessons to the needs & desires of each boy. Our oldest son is now the lead guitarist in a successful band & our younger son is an excellent technical guitarist who plays recreationally. Ande is also a fine person who became a friend as well as a teacher. We highly recommend Ande to anyone interested in teaching their children or themselves the art of the guitar.

Jack & Melanie Atkins, Short Hills NJ


Ande Flavelle has taught guitar to our son Pat for over four years. During that time, Pat has progressed from merely having a desire to play the guitar to being an accomplished guitarist with a keen interest in music. Ande has been a patient and encouraging teacher, inspiring Pat to continue to develop his skills, and also sharing with him his love for music, specifically his favorite guitarists and guitar solos, and using those as a catalyst for further learning. Pat continues to look forward to his lessons and his interactions with Ande – not something we’ve heard often from other music students. Ande gets our strong recommendation.

Gabe & Kevin Glenn, N. Caldwell NJ


I started guitar and music lessons with Ande Flavelle when I was 10 years old, and it was the start of a life long passion that has added more to my life than I could have ever dreamed. Music is the language of the soul and Ande helped me learn to speak… then sing!

I am a very busy pulmonary and critical care physician in private practice. I have been through 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 3 years of medical residency, and 4 years of medical fellowship. Then I got a real job. Through it all my other life was music. It kept me from becoming lost in academics and patient care. It provided me with an outlet for expression. The study of music gave me a healthy respect for the “art” of living even in the most scientific of pursuits. It taught me the importance of practice and discipline, and I was rewarded with constantly improving skills and a feeling of self satisfaction when a song, after hours or even days of work, finally rang out.

Some of the most important relationships of my life have been cultivated through music. I have met and connected with some amazing people while playing with new bands or just jamming with friends on a Saturday night. Music creates an environment that encourages a connection. A mutual understanding of the way an arrangement can create or alter emotion is a powerful force that can forge deep bonds.

At the age of 10, I was not a musical child prodigy. I’m quite sure Ande would agree with that statement! At the beginning I could barely get my hands around the instrument. The important thing was just getting started. I still thank my mother and father for being smart enough to know that. Now, 35 years later, my only I regret is not having started earlier.

I am happy to write this little note for Ande. It is nothing compared to what he has given me. A life filled with music!

Marc E Kruger MD


My 2 high school age sons found Ande to be very easy to work with. He tailored their lessons to their specific musical interests and he was able to keep them engaged. They even practiced the lessons somewhat frequently because it was music that they enjoyed learning. I was inspired enough to pick up the guitar again myself and took lessons from Ande for several years. He is very flexible in terms of his scheduling and very patient with my inconsistent practice regimen. We all have had a great experience and I would highly recommend him.

Tim Foster, Montclair NJ


Ande’s name came highly recommended from a friend.  Wow! We were so lucky to find such an amazingly talented, creative and patient guitar teacher. He has worked with my son for many years and continues to amaze us with his way to inspire and adapt his teaching towards the individual student. In the words of my son, ”I do not only look at Ande as my guitar teacher, but he is also a friend. I could not imagine learning to play the guitar from anyone else.” 

Frank & Michele C., North Caldwell, NJ


Ande Flavelle was my guitar teacher from age 12 to age 18, though his lessons continue to teach me to this day.  I often refer back to my cherished Wednesday night lessons with Ande, whether it be in the application of theory as a guitarist or pianist, exploring ways to tastefully play with other musicians as a drummer, thinking critically about music and art, or even navigating life’s many roads and relationships.  Ande’s ability to connect the dots between lesson material and real life relevance for each student is unparalleled.  His patience and confidence in his students provides them with the tools to do truly inspired work. 

Ian Lyles, Short Hills NJ 


Ande Flavelle has been teaching my teenage daughter how to play guitar and read basic tablature for two years.  During this time, Ande has not only instructed her on the fundamentals of music and guitar, but has also guided and encouraged her passion for music and singing. As a mentor, Ande is always conscientious, kind and thorough. His written feedback to the parents is also very thorough and helpful -- especially as my wife and I cannot always both be present during her 4pm lesson (very helpful andreassuring in this age of dual working parents).  I can offer my complete support and recommendation of Ande. He is very professional. 

Byron Elliott, Essex Fells NJ  


Ande is a gifted teacher that inspires you and gets you playing immediately. Both my son and I take lessons from Ande. He is responsive, positive and always prepared. I enjoyed lessons from Ande so much that I started back up with him after 24 years. I encourage you to do the same. You won’t be disappointed.

 Doug, Essex Fells NJ


My 13-year old daughter has been taking lessons from Ande for one year and we are both very pleased with her progress. Ande makes the experience of learning to play guitar an enjoyable and engaging one. He teaches technique but always makes the lesson fun by coming prepared to teach Anna a song that she has requested  [after taking his input on the appropriate level of difficulty]. He really knows how to communicate and demonstrate to kids in a way that can be understood and processed by them.   He's a terrific teacher."  

 Pam Fishman, Short Hills NJ


Ande is a caring and inspiring guitar teacher. I took guitar lessons with Ande for 3 years and loved it. He is very aware of his student's abilities and works with them. Ande was very encouraging as he taught me how to play and become a good guitar player. He is very skilled and could teach me any song I wanted to learn while also challenging me with some of his own assignments. Ande is a great guitar teacher and friend. 

 Elizabeth Pantirir Short Hills NJ


Ande is a guitar teacher like no other and has had a profound influence on our son's appreciation of all types of music.  He is sensitive to the interests of his students and varies his teaching accordingly.  He has the ability to share his vast knowledge and talent in a fun and relaxed way. He truly cares about his students, not only about music, but also as individuals. Ande is a welcome guest in our home each week, these last 6 years!

Kathy Pellicane, Short Hills NJ


Ande Flavelle came highly recommended from a friend of mine whose son is a gifted guitarist. It was then that we asked Ande to teach our daughter Grace to play during her middle school and high school years.

We could not have had a better experience. Not only is Ande very talented, he is personable, caring and has a real gift for teaching that made it interesting and enjoyable.

Having him come to our house was an added bonus as Grace always had a full schedule. It was a very rewarding experience and I would highly recommend Ande to any parents looking for a thoughtful and talented teacher for their son or daughter.

Lauren Barretti, Essex Fells NJ


Ande has been a regular visitor to my home for many years, providing music instruction and appreciation that continues to sustain my three sons.  Ande’s personal, at-ease manner and very professional instruction instilled in my boys a commitment to learn and a love of the craft.  They continue in self-study and play for enjoyment.  They always “jam” with friends or at family gatherings.  Luke has become an accomplished pianist, as well.

Ande relates to students of all ages and each of my boys couldn’t wait to start their guitar lessons.  I feel Ande’s disciplined instruction and work habits has supported their school work and ultimately contributed to their success in school.  I have often recommended him to friends and they have shared a similar experience.

 Mary Palma, West Caldwell NJ


Ande has taught my son guitar for many years. He is a consummate musician and teacher who is able to integrate the skills he needs to teach with the students particular musical interest. That always keeps it interesting for them. His understanding of music theory and the part guitar plays in all different types of music is rare and invaluable. He's also a very nice person. When he comes for a lesson, it's like getting a visit from a friend. We have recommended Ande to many, and all to rave reviews. We will continue to do so enthusiastically in the future.

BG, North Caldwell NJ


I had my first lesson with Ande over 20 years ago. Ande taught me the language of music and the guitar. More than just a teacher, he has become a lifelong mentor and friend.

Justin Kestler, Madison NJ


Ande has taught our son for several years and has been excellent. His knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment are very evident. Our son has not only mastered many guitar skills but it is a pleasure for him to play. Ande brings expertise and spirit to his teaching.

Liz & Marc Faber, Essex Fells NJ